How to track what you do online with RescueTime

b2ap3_large_rescue-time-productivity-app How to track what you do online with RescueTime

One of the issues I struggle with most in my own personal life is distraction. The chaos of the online world with the amount of information that is constantly being sent to our devices, the availability of interesting things to read and watch that distract us from the task at hand has certainly impacted my productivity and ability to concentrate.

So this tool is going to help you focus on the task at hand and hopefully make you more productive.

RescueTime  is a free utility which installs in on your computer and automatically builds a record of the activities and websites you are spending time with. It tells you when you're spending time in productive tasks versus non-productive tasks by classifying the different activities you participate in online. RescueTime does have a Premium account but the Free plan has all the features that I need for now.

The great thing about RescueTime is the reporting that you receive at the end of the day and see what you have spent your time on, or not what you've spent your time on. Most importantly, the reporting has helped me think more clearly about how I spend my time. I can see at a glance where I'm spending too much time in one area and not enough in others and also find patterns in my behaviour.

Detailed reports show which applications and websites you spent time on. Additional reports show how much time you spent in different categories, how productive you were, and whether you achieved your goals.

Sign up for RescueTime today and start monitoring your online activities.

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free-guide-to-purposeful-productivity How to track what you do online with RescueTime

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