MailChimp and Facebook together at last

b2ap3_large_facebook-ads-in-mailchimp-newsletter_20170329-092339_1 How to create Facebook Ads in MailChimp

You rely on MailChimp for email marketing and to help grow your business. You also use Facebook Ads to sell stuff and find new customers.

What if you could do both in one place?

Let's say somehow you can create email marketing and Facebook campaigns all through MailChimp.

Introducing MailChimps newest addition to sell stuff – Facebook Ads

It's as simple as everything else you do in MailChimp. The same tools you already use for email marketing can now be used to design an purchase advertisements on Facebook.

Your ad can be seen be people you already know, people similar to them or an entirely new audience that's into, whatever you're into.

Once your ads are running you can easily track the sales they're generating and every new customer they bring you. That means you can learn, refine and optimise your email and advertising campaigns to grow your business all in one place.

To top it off there are no addition fees. What you pay for using your ad MailChimp is what you pay directly through Facebook.

OK cool, lets build a Facebook app!

 In your MailChimp account, there is a new option to create a Facebook Ad campaign. 

This takes you to an easy to use interface with a step-by-step guide.

First you'll connect your Facebook page.

Then decide who should see your ad.

  • You can target your existing MailChimp email subscribers 
  • You can create look alike audience of Facebook users thats a brand new audience with the same interests and demographics as your existing customers
  • Even if you are just starting your business you can use Facebook ads

Then you will find an audience for you based on the interests you define.

Now lets set the budget

This is where you set a timeframe for your campaign.

  • ​When it starts
  • When it ends
  • And deciding your total budget, how much you want to spend
Again MailChimp does not charge any additional fees, so you will pay the exact same price as you would on Facebook.

Finally create your ad​...

  • You can choose a single image or add multiple for beautiful a beautiful carousel effect.
  • Write your headline
  • Add a link
And your done!

The real power of Facebook Ads in MailChimp is in the reporting:

  • ​MailChimp automatically generates reports on how your ad performed
  • How much money was made from the ad
  • As well as how many new customers the ad found
This is valuable information, proof the ads are working and your business is growing

That's it!​

MailChimp and Facebook together, at last, to help you sell more stuff.

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